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trust me May 20, 2023
"I had a lobster roll here today it was fresh. Also "and may I add that I went to Schuttys the night prior it was five dollars more expensive and not nearly as good. Definitely recomended."
Thomas Prohl February 26, 2023
"Sushi Grade Tuna!! Great experience dropping in and grabbing a super fresh piece of blue fin tuna for homemade sushi, owner was nice enough to cut the beautiful fillet in two to accommodate my need for only half the fillet. Awesome product quality on my 5+ visits to this establishment for take home fish fillets, super friendly owner & staff. Highly recommend, support local business!!"
Mary Davis December 20, 2022
"HIgh quality very fresh fish, great service (cut filets the way I wanted and prepped things for a midwest trip), plus Billy's recommendations (Artctic Char, taking lobster meat to my family in Illinois) was such a great hit. REALLY love doing business with these great Mainers!!"
Deborah Rand December 15, 2022
"Originally their haddock chowder was bland. I stopped in this past week and the haddock chowder was the best I’ve ever had. Today I was back and tried the lobster stew which was truly great and if you have been looking for clam dip they have the best. New cook I think."
Brenda Whitney November 24, 2022
"Great service, easy In and out and super fresh seafood!"
Jeffrey Davis October 26, 2022
"Amazing lobster rolls and I am a local who has tried many!"