Fresh Seafood in Freeport, ME

At Mainely Seafood Company, we want to be your source of local seafood in Freeport, ME. We carry a wide selection of fresh seafood to be used in an assortment of your favorite recipes. We carry fresh fish, lobsters, and more processed products, such as our delicious crab cakes.

If you’re looking for seafood, you know you can trust us to provide the freshest seafood in town. Here is a brief overview of some of the seafood we carry for your enjoyment.

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Seafood We Carry

  • Lobster: We carry a variety of lobster, such as fresh lobster meat, claw meat, whole lobsters, live lobsters, and various lobster dishes such as bisque and stew.
  • Crab: We carry fresh crab claws, crab rolls, crab meat stuffing, and fresh crab meat for use in different dishes.
  • Oysters: We carry shucked oysters, locally caught oysters, and other fresh oyster dishes.
  • Clams: When you need fresh clams, we offer chopped clams, littleneck clams, shucked clams, and prepared dishes such as clam dip and clam chowder.
  • Salmon: For salmon fans, we carry frozen salmon, Atlantic salmon, salmon cakes, smoked salmon, fresh wild king salmon, wild sockeye salmon, and more.
  • Scallops are available in plain, stuffed scallops or with bacon-wrapped varieties.
  • Fresh Fish: We carry a wide selection of local fresh fish for you to enjoy. Some of the species of fish we carry include bluefish, ribbonfish, flounder, Maine cod, yellowing tuna, swordfish, haddock, salmon, Arctic char, and more. Be sure to ask what fresh catches we are carrying today.

We also carry a lunch and takeout menu with dishes and sides made from the same fresh seafood we carry.

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Visit Us for Your Fresh Seafood Needs

When you buy seafood, you want fresh seafood properly stored and handled by professionals. At Mainely Seafood Company, we are committed to providing you with the freshest seafood and the best in customer service. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

We provide the highest quality in everything we sell, from fresh fish to our haddock chowder. No matter what you buy or the type of seafood you’re looking for, you can trust us to provide you with the best.

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