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Julien J Moreau November 10, 2023
"On my vacation to Maine from Baltimore, we came upon Mainely Seafood. Born and raised in Maine, I know a good lobster roll and living in Baltimore I can vouch to the excellence of a crab roll. My lobster roll was the very best I've ever had, baring many good ones. I must say ,the best is not a fair expression, it was the greatest ever. On the other hand, the crab meat, though quite good, missed the mark, it needed a little Old Bay Seasoning. By itself, the meat is bland, a little Old Bay enhances the flavor a whole lot. In addition, the roll used was a slight sweet which added so much to the enjoyment of this first stop before reaching my destination in Winslow. I give it a 5+ star rating and assure I will return there on each of my visits. "